I believe well-designed technology can engage, inform, and empower people. I interrogate that belief through code, design, and media.

In Brief

I’m cofounder of Utopian Slingshot, a web developer at the University of Minnesota–Extension, and a freelance developer.


I’ve been a UW-Badger, a filmmaker, and an NPR Intern. Born near the shores of Lake Superior, my path took me to Wisconsin, Washington D.C., and Idaho, before returning to work as a developer for the University of Minnesota–Extension. I also co-run Utopian Slingshot, a technology company I cofounded. Outside work, I’m an avid reader and film enthusiast.

As a developer, I use HTML, CSS, PHP, Python, MySQL, PostgreSQL, and JavaScript—including libraries like VueJS. As a UI developer, I prototype application and website interfaces. I also argue for user-testing in real-world situations.

Most importantly, I’m indebted to all the amazing people who I’ve had the pleasure to learn from, and work with, over the years.

Find me on GitHub, CodePen, Linkedin, Twitter, and Instagram. You can also see what I’m up to now or read my resume.

Photo by Marian Carrasquero

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